27 de maig del 2013

SUPERUSE, where recycling meets design

Superuse is an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in inventive ways of reuse of materials, elements and components. The site allows you to post items at various scales within the reuse-topic. All examples of small commodities, furniture, interiors, buildings and reuse on urban scale are welcomed. Next to exhibiting applications, we promote the development of knowledge on the subject by starting up discussions, adding historical background and allowing user comments. 

Logged in on the fully renewed Superuse platform, you can share your designs, collect votes and vote for the stories you appreciate! A story on superuse now allows you to add multiple images, location, pricing and can be supported by documentation you would like to share with your audience.

The platform is a collaboration between superuse.org and harvestmap.org. Harvestmap (Oogstkaart in Dutch) is a new online marketplace for redundant and second hand materials. Harvestmap/Oogstkaart allows companies or individuals to inventorise thier supply of materials, components or even buildings to superusers. All materials, ranging from small quantities to continuous flows of (industrial) leftovers are represented. 

Registration to Superuse.org will give you acces to Oogstkaart too. Participation allows you to share your own supply, provide tips to the community and find available resources in your neighbourhood or the surroundings of a project. Oogstkaart is currently in Beta version as we’re continuing to improve the platform, making sharing resources become even more simple. As a registered user we´ll notify you when the launch of v1.0 takes place.

(via superuse.org)

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