6 de juliol del 2013

Doorobe, a wardrobe door

Henrik Silfvernagel
for +Function, Sweden

With a simple metal bracket suspension, the Doorobe provides a unique storage solution for your existing door. Thus, you make use of an otherwise unutilised space. The Doorobe comes with a clothes rail, storage in the form of drawers, and a shoe rack at the bottom.

The frame is built in white painted Scandinavian birch plywood with detailing in ash. Everything is hidden by a door covered with exclusive high-gloss white laminate from the New Zealand-owned Formica, which can also be specially ordered in different colours. The Doorobe also features recessed brass hinges from German Häfele. The closet door and the interior is adjustable, so that it easily can be adapted to a right-or left-handed door.

The designer says "I started from my own home and thought how to add things with additional features. A door is often dull and its function is quite simple, so I made the door more interesting for the home or office. I myself would like to have this fine wardrobe for jackets / dresses, ties, belts and accessories".

thanks to CFRovira

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