23 d’abril del 2014

unfinished italy - l'incompiuto italiano

"Unfinished buildings have the beauty of this which could have been. Of this which is not yet there. Of this which might be one day."
(Inspired by Le temps en ruines by Marc Augé)

Italy, home of ruins: A foray into the unfinished, Italy's most prominent architectural style between the end of WW2 and the present day.

Buildings in a limbo between perfection and nothingness, given up on halfway through their construction, fallen into ruin before they were ever used, are an integral part of the Italian architectural landscape: Stadiums without audiences, hospitals without patients, theatres that after 50 years have not yet seen their premiere.

This is a study of the potential value of unfinished buildings in Italy and of man's ability to adapt them to his everyday needs. These ruins, whose future has already passed and whose present carries the taste of an eternal wait, act as an invitation to meditate about time.

Unfinished Italy (dir. Benoit Felici) - 2011 ITA :34min -

Italy: Love It or Leave It (dir. Luca Ragazzi, Gustav Hofer) - 2011 ITA :75min --
Casta Italia, Fine lavori: mai (dir. Francesca Cersosimo) - 2012 ITA :25min -

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