29 de març del 2014

'cohousing. programs and projects to recover heritage buildings'


Abstract submission deadline 05.05.2014
Information about the acceptance 21.05.2014
Full paper deadline 21.07.2014
Information about full paper acceptance 21.09.2014
Conference registration deadline 28.09.2014
Conference day 24.10.2014

This Symposium spreads up from the idea to match two topics, both clearly central issues for next decade worldwide politics: the matter of housing, generally faced up with just welfare rather than structural interventions, and existing buildings recovering, in terms of architectural and urban quality, safety, efficiency and inclusiveness.
It’s promoted by a team of researchers from Architecture Department of Roma Tre University, to collect and discuss contributions by scholars, professionals, experts and workers in the not-for-profit sector about cohousing programs and fulfilment, dealing with existing buildings.

Space sharing in residential realm is a common practise in Nord European countries; on the contrary, practices of aged building recovering is more diffuse in Mediterranean tradition. We can achieve many interesting investigation opportunities finally interlacing both themes.
“Cohousing. Programs and projects to recover heritage buildings” is a chance to have an exchange of views and for divulgation, with the aim to enlarge knowledge about these two main topics. It intends to open a field of confrontation about practices as well realized or planned interventions, calling speakers of international fame in an open plenum to deal with matters connected with every steps of building process (planning, design, building, management).

Contributions will be welcome and selected, preferably dealing with:
a. How to program cohousing. Tools and strategies to match cohousing and existing buildings recovering, with particular attention to operative process;
b. How to design houses and space sharing. Places and services to develop and advance sharing practices, with main focus on cohabitation and socialization;
c. How to maintain and manage private and common realm. Transformation processes, with particular attention to protect individual autonomy and existing architecture identities.

Official languages
English text is required for abstract submission. Full text could be either in English or in Italian.

Abstract submission
Authors are asked to send their abstract in .pdf format to cohousing@uniroma3.it within the 05th of may 2014.
The abstract, to be written in English, has to respect the template available at cohousing2014roma.it/wordpress in the “Download” section.
It will be subject to blind refereeing by experts. The authors will be informed about abstract acceptance within the 21th of may 2014.

Full paper submission
Authors of selected contributions are asked to send their full paper to the same email address within the 21st of july 2014.
The full paper, to be written either in English or in Italian, has to respect the template available at cohousing2014roma.it/wordpress in the “Download” section.
It will be subject to blind refereeing by experts. The authors will be informed about abstract acceptance within the 21st of september 2014.

All the selected papers and projects will be published in an instant book to be distributed at the conference’s opening.
The best papers will be presented to the audience by the authors.

To register, please complete the registration form you can find at cohousing2014roma.it/wordpress in the “Download” section, and send it to cohousing@uniroma3.it within the 28th of september 2014, together with the symposium fee payment receipt.
In case of a group of authors, one of them should be indicated as contact person. He/She has to fill and send the registration form. The payment invoice will be made out to him/her.

Symposium fee
The symposium fee is 100 euros. It includes the conference attendance and a copy of the dedicated instant book (ISBN code) with the article’s publication.
The best three papers submitted by under 35 years old authors (to be born after 31.12.1978) will be free of charge.
The symposium fee is requested for each full text and it doesn’t depend on the number of the authors.

Panel of experts
prof. Luuk Boelens. Centre Mobility and Spatial Planning, University of Ghent (B)
prof. Ruzica Bozovic Stamenovic. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture (RS)
prof. Giovanni Caudo. Architecture Department, Roma Tre University (I)
prof. Francesco Cellini. Architecture Department, Roma Tre University (I)
prof. Susanna Ferrini. Architecture Department, G. D’Annunzio University of Chieti Pescara (I)
prof. Mario Panizza. Architecture Department, Roma Tre University (I)
prof. Pere Fuertes Pérez. Departament de Projectes Arquitectònics, UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (E)
prof. Vincent Nadin. Spatial Planning, Delft University of Technology (NL)
prof. Andrea Vidotto. Architecture Department, Roma Tre University (I)

Research Team Cohousing
Largo Giovanni Marzi, 10 - 00153 Rome
mail: cohousing@uniroma3.it
web: cohousing2014roma.it/wordpress

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